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Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets

Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets

Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets

  Product: Hyocimax Tablets



30 pills 10mg 19.00 USD unit price: 0.63 $
60 pills 10mg 35.00 USD unit price: 0.58 $
120 pills 10mg 49.00 USD unit price: 0.41 $
180 pills 10mg 79.00 USD unit price: 0.44 $
360 pills 10mg 135.00 USD unit price: 0.38 $

Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets (Hyocimax Tablets) – Product Information

Hyocimax (Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets) is known as an anticholinergic medicine. It relieves the pain of stomach and bowel cramps by helping your digestive system to relax.

Name of Drug

Hyocimax (Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets)

Manufacturer of Hyocimax Tablets

Acme Pharmaceuticals, marketed by German Remedies (Cadila Healthcare).
Website: www.zyduscadila.com

Hyocimax Tablets  10 mg

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

The active pharmaceutical ingredient contained in Hyocimax Tablets is Hyoscine Butyl Bromide.

Drug Uses

Hyoscine Butylbromide is known as an anticholinergic medicine. It relieves the pain of stomach and bowel cramps by helping your digestive system to relax.
Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if the pain does not improve within 48 hours or if pain worsens after treatment.

Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets – Dosage

Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets should be swallowed whole with a little fluid.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist for further information if they have advised you to take a different dose.
The recommended dose for adults and children over 6 years of age is two tablets four times a day (taken about every 4-6 hours).
Do not take Hyocimax Tablets for longer than 2-3 days at a time except on the recommendation of a doctor.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if you remember when it is almost time for your next dose, take only your usual dose at that time.
It is not necessary to finish taking all the tablets in the pack if you find you no longer have any pain.

Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets – Overdosage

Seek medical advice if you have used more than the recommended or prescribed dose of Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets and you experience signs of overdose as listed below.
Signs of overdose may include drowsiness, dry mouth, difficulty passing urine, reddening of the skin, decreased gastrointestinal tract movement, fast heart rate and sight disturbances.
Do not drive a car or operate machinery if you have taken more than the recommended or prescribed dose of Hyocimax Tablets .

Storage Instructions for Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets

Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets should be kept in a cool, dry place where the temperature stays below 25°C. For example, do not leave your tablets in a car or store them in the bathroom. Heat and dampness will damage the tablets.
Keep Hyoscine Butylbromide tablets where children cannot reach them.

Warnings and Precautions to be taken when using Hyoscine Butylbromide tablets if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Special care is recommended during pregnancy, particularly in the first three months.
Ask for your doctor's advice if you are pregnant, or likely to become pregnant during your course of medication.
Special care is recommended if you are breastfeeding as no studies have been conducted in nursing women.
Ask for your doctor's advice if you are breastfeeding or likely to breastfeed during the course of your medication

Possible Side Effects of Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets

You should be aware that all medicines carry some risks and that all possible risks may not be known at this stage despite thorough testing.
Ask for the advice of your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns about the effects of taking this medicine.
If side effects occur, they are usually mild when Hyoscine Butylbromide is used at the recommended dose. Very occasionally, Hyoscine Butylbromide tablets may cause:
  • dry mouth and fast heart rate
  • reduced sweating and difficulty with passing urine.
If these occur, they usually disappear when you stop taking the tablets.
Very rare but more serious side effects include:
  • allergic reactions, such as skin rashes, or swelling of the face
  • difficulty in breathing.
If these occur, seek medical advice or attention immediately.
Otherwise, tell your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible if you experience any side effects during or after using Hyoscine Butylbromide.
Unexpected effects, not listed above, can occur with any medicine. You should tell your doctor or pharmacist if you notice anything unusual, during or after taking Hyoscine Butylbromide.
Possible food and drug interactions when taking this medication
Although certain medicines should not be used together at all, in other cases two different medicines may be used together even if an interaction might occur. In these cases, your doctor may want to change the dose, or other precautions may be necessary. When you are taking anticholinergics/antispasmodics, it is especially important that your health care professional know if you are taking any of the following:
  • Antacids or
  • Diarrhea medicine containing kaolin or attapulgite or
  • Ketoconazole (e.g., Nizoral)—Using these medicines with an anticholinergic may lessen the effects of the anticholinergic
  • Central nervous system (CNS) depressants (medicines that cause drowsiness)—Taking scopolamine with CNS depressants may increase the effects of either medicine
  • Other anticholinergics (medicine for abdominal or stomach spasms or cramps) or
  • Tricyclic antidepressants (amitriptyline [e.g., Elavil], amoxapine [e.g., Asendin], clomipramine [e.g., Anafranil], desipramine [e.g., Pertofrane], doxepin [e.g., Sinequan], imipramine [e.g., Tofranil], nortriptyline [e.g., Aventyl], protriptyline [e.g., Vivactil], trimipramine [e.g., Surmontil])—Taking anticholinergics with tricyclic antidepressants or other anticholinergics may cause an increase in the effects of the anticholinergic
  • Potassium chloride (e.g., Kay Ciel)—Using this medicine with an anticholinergic may make gastrointestinal problems caused by potassium worse

Buy Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets 10 mg (Hyocimax Tablets) Online

You can buy Hyocimax Tablets (Hyoscine Butylbromide Tablets) online from the Swiss Pharmacy. It is available in pills of 10 mg, which are priced at only $0.38 per unit if you place an order for 360 tablets.

This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday, 16. August 2009.

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